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3D measuring and quality check
In our measuring laboratory there are many measuring machines available, with which almost every size and position can be measured. We have in our possession a 3D DEA GLOBAL SILVER Classic CNC 05.07.05 measuring instrument for the easy and accurate measurement of components. It is also suitable for creating a wide variety of measurement protocols. The measuring range of the machine is 500x700x500 mm, the maximum weight of the marble table is 250 kg, accuracy is within 0.005 mm. Another type of 3D measuring instruments we have is MITUTOYO B-231, which has a similar measuring range. Our MITUTOYO PJ-3000 profile projector is capable of the measurement of small differences, radii and angles. With the GARANT HC1 measuring machine we can measure height up to 600 mm, but it is also suitable for the exact determination of axis centers and diameters. It has a measuring accuracy of 0.005 mm.
We also have a hardness tester, micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, protractors, theodolites, gauge blocks, plungers, comb drives, radius templates, etc.
Therefore we undertake custom measurements and the creation of measurement protocols according to the blueprint of the component.